What is it?

TRX is a suspension training system developed for Navy SEALs consisting of two thick straps that hang down and allow you to strength train using your own body weight. How does it work? The straps have loop holes for your feet or your hands and, depending on the exercise, you create movements that get you to fight gravity and develop strength, balance, flexibility, movement and stability.


A Balanced Body
The TRX suspension trainer goes far beyond traditional strength training benefits. This type of training is also great at implementing stability, balance, and flexibility into your workouts. A healthy, fit body should display all of these things. You might see gym-goers who have vast amounts of strength but are lacking in stability, balance and flexibility. TRX allows you to incorporate all of these things at once.

Core Training
Another great benefit to the TRX suspension training is the amazing core strength benefits achieved! Core strength has become trendy, but the importance of a strong core cannot be underestimated! This is a system designed to make you use your core for every single move!

Just Getting Started?

The suspension trainer is great for a fast and effective workout for all fitness levels. Start slowly and build up to more intense exercises along the way. If you have never tried the TRX, seek out help from a trainer for your first time. You won’t need him or her for each workout, but to get proper exercise techniques and ideas for basic exercises, a session with a trainer will go far. Alternatively, there are many online resources to show you the right form and give you ideas. The key is to educate yourself and read in advance so your time in the gym or at home with the straps is effective.