About F2 Fitness

F2 Fitness is a group fitness and personal training studio. Our group classes include world class Lesmills and TRX programmes as well as circuit, core, functional and weight training classes.
Les Mills, has been passionately devoted to create Revolutionary Fitness Sessions for over 25 years, employing Teams of International Leading Instructors who evolve new moves, tuned to new music, improvising and improving techniques of new programmes every 3 months! Each move is choreographed to perfection to result in weight Loss, strength, flexibility and self-satisfaction, which is why more than a whopping 6 Million people worldwide work out every week to the sound of Les Mills Programmes in front of a massive 70,000 Les Mills Trained Instructors in over 80 Countries!
F2 offers a variety of these classes which ranges from different aspects of fitness focusing on strength, stamina, flexibility and are drawn from different aspects i.e. mixed martial arts, yoga, tai-chi, pilates, dance, sports, high intensity interval training & weight training.

F2 also offers personal training which is one on one training with nutritional counselling by a certified trainer for specific results.

Personal Training Studio space for Free Lancers: 
Personal trainers can bring in their client and use the personal training space.
Group Studio:
F2 also rents out their Group studio space on hourly basis depending on availability of the studio.