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F2 Fitness is a Time & Trust Tested Brand owned by Farah Vohra & Neville Almeida. Both Farah & Neville started their careers with Gyms as free lancers but soon realised that in a huge Gym environment, people do feel lost and don’t know how to achieve their goals ! So they came up with the concept of F2 Fitness 9 years ago ( 12th November 2011 to be precise ) which is an attractive mid sized studio that includes a group fitness section and a personal training area. The Gym is interactive, fun, motivating and the most importantly, you will never ever feel alone ! F2 Cares and Shares all the wealth of knowledge and experience they have to bring out the best in you !!!

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    Why Us?

    Fitness Technology

    The market for fitness technology is vast, strong, and growing. F2’s Program’s are based on Researched Fitness Studies by World Renowned Experts. Every step of the way is designed to provide you with effective results without using Primitive and Outdated Methods of Working Out!

    Personal Touch

    F2 believes in creating a special bond between their Clients and Trainers which grows Into a Family Fitness Feeling. Free of any Pressure or Stress, the atmosphere at our Studio is informal & carefree. It’s a combination of Fitness & Fun which lightens the Load of Sweat and Tears!

    Value Added Goodies

    Besides a Dedicated Personal Training Platform and F2’s Group Fitness Sessions, added Benefits makes your Membership worthwhile. Whether it’s good advice on both physical And mental well being, tips for a healthy & nutritious diet completes a Holistic Fitter You!

    Small is Beautiful

    Unlike other Commercial Gyms, where you are lost in a maze of overcrowding, you will Find our Gym to be tailor made for a total concentration on you with a One on One Relationship to bring the best out of you. Schedules are well spread out so that Classes are limited to smaller groups.

    • Mon - Fri :7:00 am to 10:00 pm
    • Saturday :10:00 am - 8:00 pm
    • All Sundays :Closed

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