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Farah Vohra

Farah is a Fitness entrepreneur and co-founder of F2 Fitness studio in Mumbai. Farah has trained at the Australian Institute of Fitness, certified in Les Mills group classes, TRX & personal training. She is eager to take on the challenge of working with the unaware, unmotivated and the unhealthy to change their minds about their well being. When it comes to unrealistic fitness goals, Farah believes in striving for progress, not perfection. She specializes in bootcamp training, outdoor training, personal training, child obesity, senior citizens and special population. The challenge of training overweight clients and giving them a fab body is her strength. In her free time Farah loves to cook nutritional food. She bakes healthy gluten free, no sugar desserts, protein bars etc under the brand name F2 Flavours which is available online and at the studio.

Neville Almeida

Neville is a Fitness entrepreneur and co-founder of F2 Fitness studio in Mumbai. He has trained in Sydney and is an ACSM & K11 certified trainer for personal training and special population, a Les Mills group fitness instructor and certified in TRX & RIP training as well as personal training. Neville is also a Nuelife athlete and actively competes in Men’s physique category. With years of experience in the industry, Neville takes a no-nonsense approach towards fitness and is always ready to take on any task as hard as it can be just to prove that Fitness belongs to one and all. So if you want to take your workout to the next level or conquer your food and fitness demons, Neville knows best on how to keep you motivated & this translates to great results.

Freya Dastur

Freya has been successfully training reluctant individuals for 15 years. She is an Internationally trained and certified Personal Trainer and GFX instructor in a range of fitness styles from Fitbox – contact boxing with pads and gloves – to the holistic Body Balance. Freya Trained and certified in 4 Les Mills programmes – Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Balance and Body Step – amongst other freestyle fitness programmes. She has helped people huff and puff into shape in India, UAE and UK.

Ashwini Panchbhai

Ashwini is a Group fitness Instructor. She teaches Less Mills Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Attack & Grit. A flying instructor by profession, teaching comes very naturally to her. She understands how a person absorbs any kind of information/instruction. Music has also always been a huge part of her life. Initially Ashwini could only do 20 mins of a Body Combat workout (and crawled through the rest of the class with multiple breaks) she walked out feeling empowered and almost like a bad-ass. She saw a huge change in her body composition once she was regular and loved the way she looked. From that point she told herself “I am going to teach someday” That someday was almost 2 years ago. From that point on she has been attracted to many other Les Mills programs each focusing on a different type of mantra. Her fitness mantra is “No change was brought by doing the ordinary. Challenge yourself to change yourself”.

Lalita Mehta

Lalita has been Personal Training since more than 8 years. She is certified from Nautilus and is a National level Gymnast. In 2001-2002 Lalita received a Shivchatrpati Award. She is Les Mills group fitness instructor in Body Balance and Body Pump. Lalita specializes in core & functional training workouts. She is passionate about her classes and will make sure you enjoy every bit of your workout!

Samir Worlikar

Samir has had a passion for fitness since he was only 15.He is a nationally competitive natural bodybuilder and athlete with many victories under his belt. Samir is a certified Les Mills group fitness instructor in Body Pump & RPM. He is certified in Nautilus (international), Body for life Success Coach, Life Fitness powerful personal training, Swiss ball, Basic Life Support adult heart saver from American Heart Association (Hawaii Affiliated) & Basic Life Support adult heart saver form Asian Heart Association (Mumbai, India). He believes that success is doing not wishing.

Deepak Banage

Deepak works for a living and plays for a passion. His interest lies in connecting to people through music & travel. He is a total sports enthusiast & an avid foodie. He had the opportunity to get into professional fitness from being a member to now an instructor in Bodypump through F2 Fitness & he believes that was one of the best things happened in life. He prefers to keep things simple and leading a life that challenges limits above & beyond.

Karan Jaisinghani

Karan is a group exercise instructor, Les Mills Master trainer/ presenter in Body Combat & Body Pump, certified in TRX Level 1, Body Attack, RPM, Body Combat and Body Pump. He has been in the industry since 5 years. From starting his fitness journey at a young age to now teaching classes Karan strongly believes “the workout starts when you want to stop”.