“I simply got electrified, pepped up and wanted more... and more.. and more”
( Dr. Shyam Chhabria )

“I am done with boring workouts I finally found the way to enjoy fitness”
( Shamita Gogia )

“This workout makes me find my true abilities my endurance, my stamina and my potential”
( Karan Sharma )

“Its like a rock concert, and I can’t stop grooving to the music and loosing it, my weight I mean”
( Saif Zaman )

“I don’t have to wait to lose my weight, f2 fitness makes me do it right now”
( Anam Siddique )

“The instructors drove me crazy with their dynamic moves and motivating words”
( Divya menon )

If u were wanting a perfect Excuse to break away from the routine old ways of working out. This is it !!!! :)
( Adhish kochhar )

“Personal Training with Farah is Intense and Exhilarating. The addictive program is an uphill climb tailored to challenge your fitness and stamina levels. Farah's always on the move and you won't hesitate joining the ride!
Go for it !!!
“Now shut up and give me 20 burpies and 3 rounds of stairs. Go! ” hahaha
( Rushang Shah )

The energy enthusiasm n drive that F2F Trainer's have is ecstatic ! Adrenaline pumping, heart thumping, energy emitting workouts makes u go all out ! Kiah !
( Minal Dhand )