About F2 Fitness
F2 fitness was formed in April 08 with a Goal to make people feel good and look great

With the latest applications of Fitness Technology and Equipment in force, F2 provides a Complete Package of Support and Guidance to allow its Members to achieve their Lifestyle Goals

F2 simplifies the process of "Getting Fit and Remaining Fit" by offering Personalized and Effective Training Programmes combined with Nutrition Guidelines to help achieve one's Fitness Goals

According to Research, a whopping 78% of the Million Active Gym Users in India fail to achieve their Desired Results of losing weight and keeping fit

It is natural for people to Sign up for a Gym membership and assume that they will get to the Fitness Levels that they desire but alas, they are sadly mistaken

Monotonous workouts with the usual stint of Cardio and Weights combined impacts this equation and in no time, the Interest of that Membership Cards fades away

This is where F2 comes into play :
  • An Indepth Evaluation is made of your present state of affairs with focus on your Lifestyle and Eating Habits
  • Tailor Made Training Programmes are chosen to suit your Body and Mind Conditions and to fit into your schedule and strength levels
  • Emphasis is given to Nutritional Values to make sure that you consume the most effective Diets to give that Double Blow to all the Fat and Excess Loose Ends
  • Exciting and Effective Methods to help you sustain your Fitness Levels are put into place without any room for Boredom
  • Results are constantly monitored and every loophole is plugged to ensure that you never walk down the "fat path" ever again

F2 is all you need because:
  • Positive energy
  • Motivating trainers
  • Great music
  • Fun
  • Internationally certified instructors
  • Increase metabolism
  • Nutrition advice
  • Healthy food that taste good
  • Bring your own trainer
  • Improves agility
  • Combination of mixed match classes
  • Group Fitness
  • Group TRX classes
  • Programs available for all ages : children to senior citizens
  • Health and fitness consultation
  • Special population
  • Wider range of classes to suit your need
  • Make fitness more interesting
  • Offers TRX
  • Bootcamp
  • Circuit training
  • Changes the way you think about Fitness