F2 Fitness provides an individual with nutritional counseling. Diets charts are advised and given which changes weekly or monthly depending on a client’s progress and requirement

F2 Fitness offers door to door service providing a client with a complete meal of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. These meals are specially designed to assist in weight loss along with eating right and / or gain strength / muscle.

We cater not only to F2 fitness members but to individuals who have a busy life style and are looking to “eat right”

Basic diet chart for an active person – who weight trains and does cardio atleast twice or thrice a week

Morning Breakfast :
1 fruit (except banana, mango, grapes, chickoo, custard apple) + 1 bowl of muesli / oats / dalia / wheat flakes. With 200 ml Skim milk


3-4 eggs whites (1 yellow) + 2 brown bread slices

MEAL 2 : post 2.5-3 hrs

Mixed Vegetable juice / 1 bowl of curd with 2 tbsp muesli / 1 fruit

2 roti + 1 bowl of vegetable / dal / sprouts (except potato) + 1 serving of non-veg (fish / chicked / eggs) + salad

For vegetarian 1 bowl – paneer / soya / curd


Rotis can be substituted with brown rice or brown bread (whole grain)

Evening Snack:
Handful of nuts (walnuts or peanuts) / Buttermilk / 1 tbsp of peanut butter

1 roti + grilled paneer / cooked soya OR grilled chicken/fish/cooked eggs + veggies (steamed / stir fried / salad)

Meals should be eaten with a gap of 2.5-3 hrs

Post workout 1 serving of protein shake + fruit